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About Lucas Chinappa

Fervent to the expression of accomplishment!

Those were the times when trendy hairdos and makeovers were designed to show off it was a big deal. There were just a handful of renowned top hairstylists who took the fashion and styling fraternity by storm. Who would have ever guessed that a young lad from Mumbai, who made it big in the corporate genre, would place Lucas Chinappa as a lauded top hair stylist.

Lucas helped transform a mix of clientele throughout the years. He is always in the right places with the right people at all of the right times. His creative vision and technical innovation have contributed to some of the most iconic images. Alumni of Vidal Sassoon with Chemicalization and Hair Color as his forte arrived in Hyderabad mustered experience with a determination to succeed. Within a short time, his talent and workmanship could never be championed and compared.

Lucas took his 13-year heritage of hairdressing and his love of glamour and individual beauty and translated it into a creative art form. His work etiquette is imagined and envisioned—a range grounded in old-world hairstyling and blended with new-world technology and the finest ingredients. The end result was an edited line focused on the needs of most people: Over the course of his career, he has also been nurturing young folks to build careers in the stream of hair styling.

Having your hair styled is an incredibly intimate experience. I take very seriously the trust that people place in my hands. – Lucas Chinappa

Anyone who believes in elegance, beauty, high performance, handcraftsmanship and luxury then you should make no haste to see this man at his best in his salon. Lucas loves what he does and does it passionately, continuing to invent and reinvent. Perhaps more in demand as one of the notched hair stylist than ever. Lucas is constantly building his body of work and strengthening his influence on the hair and fashion that defines generations.

He always signs off saying,” I pray that your day is as pleasant as your hair”.